Tortilla West

Tortilla West in Norfolk, Virginia is a definite must-see. This restaurant is in the heart of the Ghent district, which in itself is a beautiful area with a lot of character. On Monday and Tuesday nights from 4-7PM they have .89 cent tacos, which is an incredible deal! The tacos come with either ground beef or beans, and sides of cheese and lettuce. Simple, but good!

From 4-7PM every single day (including the nights with already great prices on tacos) is their happy hour where their draft beers and house margaritas are HALF PRICE. That is one of the best happy hour specials I know of!

If you needed even more reason to visit, this spot is really great for groups of people including friends and family, and even for a date. They have a back room that has large booths that sit several people (around 8), a pool table, a pin ball machine, a Pac-Man machine, AND corn-hole boards! It’s the ultimate hang out spot.

You HAVE to go check out Tortilla West! | 508 Orapax St. Norfolk, VA 23507

Thank you guys, see you again next week!


As I sit here and reflect on the incredible journeys 2017 has brought me, I can’t help but start thinking about what 2018 will bring!!

I’ve had an obsession with traveling, exploring, and discovering since I was a little kid, and the obsession has only GROWN!

A few months ago I created this web site with the hope to find really great places and share them for other people to enjoy, and I never expected it to evolve in the way that it has and become what it was CREATED to be: the site and RESOURCE people use to find the places they HAVE to go to while in a city! It really is a dream come true, and the expansion projected for next year is challenging but it’s going to be well worth it!

Here is SOME of what 2018 has in store, and what you guys can be looking forward to:

-New York City, New York

-Boston, Massachusetts

-South Carolina (Inman area)

-North Carolina (Kill Devil Hills area)

-Richmond, Virginia

-And possibly Memphis, Tennessee; Las Vegas, Nevada; parts of California

I hope to hear from you all about where you want to see featured in some of these places, or other cities you want me to explore! As always, feel free to email me at or comment on this post! Thank you all for your love and support this year!



Here’s to 2018! See you guys next YEAR, thank you!



Fair Grounds

Coffee is something near and dear to my heart. Coffee makes my day better, and gives me something to look forward to! So this week for all of my coffee lovers, you HAVE to go to Fair Grounds in Norfolk, Virginia! This is one of my favorite coffee spots to go to. This shop is ran out of a prior 2 story home, and is located on the second floor. (The first floor is a different store.) The entire shop has a very cozy feel, as it is still semi set up as a home. There are plenty of places to sit (inside and outside), and it’s a great place to study whether alone or with groups. It’s also a great place for gathering with friends or family to talk or catch up! And in case you needed more reason to go, they play GREAT music and they have a bunch of board games available to play.

Their menu is vast for coffee, and they have AWESOME flavors. My favorite drink is a frozen French Toast, and I️ highly recommend it. They offer a few food options as well, but I️ have yet to try them. They offer a discount if you come within the first or last hour of business, and they have an old-school punch card system for frequent customers.

Fair Grounds is a local, independent coffee shop in the heart of Ghent, and most customers are the very loyal locals. When in Norfolk and looking for great coffee, you HAVE to go to Fair Grounds! | 806 Baldwin Ave. Unit 2 Norfolk, VA 

Thank you guys, see you again next week!

Strawberry Fields Smoothies and Gelato

This week we have a spot that is one of my personal favorites and a frequent stop for me. Strawberry Fields Smoothies and Gelato in the heart of Ghent in Norfolk, Virginia! This is a locally owned shop that sells homemade gelato, and fresh fruit smoothies. This place is well known by the Norfolk natives, and is growing in popularity! Down to business: their smoothies are made with only fresh fruit, gelato, and fresh fruit juice. They have smoothie combinations listed on their menus, and won’t mind if you want to sub out one ingredient for another (useful for me because bananas in smoothies just doesn’t agree with my tastebuds.)

Their gelato is made in house each day, and their flavors vary almost every day. Some flavors include: vanilla, mango sorbetto, stracciatella, cookie dough, whiskey pecan, blueberries and cream, salted caramel, ooey gooey cake, Cap’n Crunch, pineapple coconut sorbetto, and samoa. That’s a shortened list compared to all of the flavors they make! They offer some vegan options too for you vegan gelato lovers out there. They post on their Facebook and Instagram pages almost daily of the flavors they have, so check them out before you come by to make sure there’s something that strikes your fancy. Or, come in and sample any flavors that you want! This is also a cute date spot, great for family outings, and good for a quick dessert run. (Even my dog Kujo loves it!) Do yourselves a favor and check them out! You HAVE to go to Strawberry Fields Smoothies and Gelato!

1510 Colley Ave. Norfolk, Virginia |

Thank you guys, and see you again next week!

California Burrito

The feature this week is California Burrito in Norfolk, Virginia. This restaurant is pretty unique, because not only is it a quick and delicious lunch/dinner restaurant, it’s also a bar and dancing spot! When you first walk in, it looks like a small little restaurant with seating for about 20-30 people, but if you follow the chalkboard that reads “Full bar in the back,” you’ll be taken down a hallway and to a back room with a full bar and an upstairs DJ.

Their food is delicious AND all of their ingredients are local and organic (as if you needed another reason to love the food.) We tried the carne asada burrito, and carne asada chimichanga (pictured above) and they were tasty!

Thursday nights are “Ladies Nights” where you can buy well drinks for .50 CENTS! This is not a joke!! Just make sure you get there between 8-10 for the deal.

Friday’s are “College Nights” for mingling and getting to know the college crowd.

Saturday’s are when the fun kicks into high gear: Saturday nights are “Latino Nights” where they have Latin music playing and the dancing goes all night (usually picking up around 11:30)!!

**Some cool features too: there is no cover charge despite the club feel at nights, AND they’re open until 2AM Friday’s and Saturday’s for those of you who are into the night life.**

Whether you want to go out to eat, grab a drink, or do some dancing, you HAVE to go to California Burrito!

319 Granby St. Norfolk, VA 23510 |

Thank you guys, and see you again next week!

Ocean View Fishing Pier

The Ocean View Fishing Pier in Norfolk, Virginia is a spot that only locals know about. OVFP is located right on the beach (more so over the ocean, past the sand of the beach), and is tucked away without any over-the-top advertising. In fact, the only reason I discovered this spot is because my curiosity is off the charts, and I may or may not have forced Jordan to walk there with me.

Regardless, the outcome was more than either of us were expecting. This is a fishing pier, bar, restaurant, and all-around beautiful hang out spot. They have a bar and restaurant downstairs, but the upstairs is where all of the magic is (at least that’s what I think.) The restaurant has something for everyone: kids menu, seafood, non-seafood items, appetizers, desserts, and a great drink menu. My entrée of choice was the Seafood Pasta with Alfredo sauce, DELICIOUS, and drink of choice, Sex on the Beach of course! Most nights they have a live band come out that plays a great selection of music. Overall great atmosphere, friendly people, and an incredible picture-friendly view.

**The BEST time to come in is around 6PM (before the dinner rush comes), so you can grab a great seat to watch the sunset (not that a restaurant surrounded by water has a bad seat). **

SO, if you haven’t had the pleasure of acquainting yourself with this spot, I highly recommend it. You HAVE to go to Ocean View Fishing Pier.

400 Ocean View Ave. Norfolk, VA |

Thank you guys, and see you again next week!