As I sit here and reflect on the incredible journeys 2017 has brought me, I can’t help but start thinking about what 2018 will bring!!

I’ve had an obsession with traveling, exploring, and discovering since I was a little kid, and the obsession has only GROWN!

A few months ago I created this web site with the hope to find really great places and share them for other people to enjoy, and I never expected it to evolve in the way that it has and become what it was CREATED to be: the site and RESOURCE people use to find the places they HAVE to go to while in a city! It really is a dream come true, and the expansion projected for next year is challenging but it’s going to be well worth it!

Here is SOME of what 2018 has in store, and what you guys can be looking forward to:

-New York City, New York

-Boston, Massachusetts

-South Carolina (Inman area)

-North Carolina (Kill Devil Hills area)

-Richmond, Virginia

-And possibly Memphis, Tennessee; Las Vegas, Nevada; parts of California

I hope to hear from you all about where you want to see featured in some of these places, or other cities you want me to explore! As always, feel free to email me at chelsea@youhavetogoto.com or comment on this post! Thank you all for your love and support this year!



Here’s to 2018! See you guys next YEAR, thank you!




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