The Grey Goose

The Grey Goose in downtown Hampton, Virginia is a great spot for lunch, dinner, and brunch (only on Sundays!). This restaurant is owned by Hampton Roads natives, and boy do they do it well.

Not only do the have really great dine-in food options (see brunch pictures below; those plates were clean in minutes!), they have great entertainment and family events. December 9th and 16th you can have breakfast with Santa! If you have kids, this would be a great outing and something to have them look forward to! They are also having “dinnertainment” called “A Christmas Story” on December 9, 10, 16 and 17. Times vary for both Christmas outing options so be sure to call and confirm and make a reservation!

Most restaurants offer catering options, and The Grey Goose is no different. Thanksgiving is no different, and they offer the whole spread! (I️ included a picture of the options so everyone can take advantage!)

Holidays aren’t the only special events they cater for though, they offer baking for celebrations. They offer an incredible selection of wedding cakes and TONS of options between the type of cake, frosting, and filling! Definitely worth giving a look when the time comes for you.

Not only is this spot as charming on the inside as it is on the out, nothing compares to a restaurant owned and operated by locals (if you haven’t caught that theme from my other posts.) This Hampton, Virginia restaurant is a must see. You HAVE to go to The Grey Goose! | 118 Old Hampton Ln Hampton, Va

Thank you guys, see you again next week!

Fair Grounds

Coffee is something near and dear to my heart. Coffee makes my day better, and gives me something to look forward to! So this week for all of my coffee lovers, you HAVE to go to Fair Grounds in Norfolk, Virginia! This is one of my favorite coffee spots to go to. This shop is ran out of a prior 2 story home, and is located on the second floor. (The first floor is a different store.) The entire shop has a very cozy feel, as it is still semi set up as a home. There are plenty of places to sit (inside and outside), and it’s a great place to study whether alone or with groups. It’s also a great place for gathering with friends or family to talk or catch up! And in case you needed more reason to go, they play GREAT music and they have a bunch of board games available to play.

Their menu is vast for coffee, and they have AWESOME flavors. My favorite drink is a frozen French Toast, and I️ highly recommend it. They offer a few food options as well, but I️ have yet to try them. They offer a discount if you come within the first or last hour of business, and they have an old-school punch card system for frequent customers.

Fair Grounds is a local, independent coffee shop in the heart of Ghent, and most customers are the very loyal locals. When in Norfolk and looking for great coffee, you HAVE to go to Fair Grounds! | 806 Baldwin Ave. Unit 2 Norfolk, VA 

Thank you guys, see you again next week!

Montaña de Oro State Park 

Montaña de Oro State Park in Los Osos, California is a must see! This beautiful park is home to several different hiking trails, camping sites, picnic areas, and and some of the most magnificent beaches! Getting to the park is exciting in itself between the tree and cliff lined roads, and the views of the beaches from above.

This park is HUGE, and there is a lot to explore. We spent close to 2 hours at the park and only saw a few of the beaches and walked the Bluff Trail. Along the trail we saw at least two different beaches (both pictured below), and views from the top of cliffs.

Along our journey, we saw a woman staring down a cliff-side in panic, and we found that her dog had fallen down the side and was stuck on a ledge. Dogs are NOT permitted along the trails (they ARE on the campsites), and for this very reason! The rescue team had to come out and save the dog, and fortunately were able to. Please keep your furry friends at home or where they’re permitted so they are remain just that!!

Anyhow, this was one of the most beautiful beaches I have been to yet, and I will be returning to view the rest of the park. (Bonus: entry is FREE!) So, if you’re looking for something to do when in the Los Osos area, you HAVE to go to Montaña de Oro State Park! | 3550 Pecho Valley Road Los Osos, California

Thank you guys, see you again next week!

Strawberry Fields Smoothies and Gelato

This week we have a spot that is one of my personal favorites and a frequent stop for me. Strawberry Fields Smoothies and Gelato in the heart of Ghent in Norfolk, Virginia! This is a locally owned shop that sells homemade gelato, and fresh fruit smoothies. This place is well known by the Norfolk natives, and is growing in popularity! Down to business: their smoothies are made with only fresh fruit, gelato, and fresh fruit juice. They have smoothie combinations listed on their menus, and won’t mind if you want to sub out one ingredient for another (useful for me because bananas in smoothies just doesn’t agree with my tastebuds.)

Their gelato is made in house each day, and their flavors vary almost every day. Some flavors include: vanilla, mango sorbetto, stracciatella, cookie dough, whiskey pecan, blueberries and cream, salted caramel, ooey gooey cake, Cap’n Crunch, pineapple coconut sorbetto, and samoa. That’s a shortened list compared to all of the flavors they make! They offer some vegan options too for you vegan gelato lovers out there. They post on their Facebook and Instagram pages almost daily of the flavors they have, so check them out before you come by to make sure there’s something that strikes your fancy. Or, come in and sample any flavors that you want! This is also a cute date spot, great for family outings, and good for a quick dessert run. (Even my dog Kujo loves it!) Do yourselves a favor and check them out! You HAVE to go to Strawberry Fields Smoothies and Gelato!

1510 Colley Ave. Norfolk, Virginia |

Thank you guys, and see you again next week!

Wood’s Orchard

If you haven’t already, you HAVE to go to Woods Orchard in Hampton, Virginia! This family owned and operated farm offers some really great things.

1. PUMPKIN PICKING! Not only do you have the option to buy a pre-picked pumpkin, you also can grab a wagon and some pruning shears and explore their pumpkin fields and cut your own pumpkin off of its vine! They have every size available, white and orange colors, and multicolored ones! It’s a really awesome experience and a great outing for families, friends, or partners! Caution: prepare to get your hands a little dirty!

2. HAY RIDES! They offer hay rides on the weekends (and though I personally haven’t done it) it seems like it would be a nice ride!

3. FRESH PRODUCE! They offer a wide variety of food: apples, mangos, lemons, cabbage, zucchini, squash, peppers, and so much more!

4. STRAWBERRY PICKING! They have pre-picked, and strawberry picking available during the spring!

5. AND SO MUCH MORE! (Meat, fruit butters, dog food, etc.)

The pictures below show you the different sizes of pumpkins they have: tiny to ENORMOUS! And for all 5 of the pumpkins I purchased, I only paid $20 where more grocery stores charge nearly that per pumpkin! Pumpkin picking is a great fall experience, and something that’s an annual event for me. And if I were you, I would make it a tradition too. You HAVE to go to Woods Orchard! | 183 E. Mercury Blvd., Hampton, VA 23669


Thank you guys, see you again next week!


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The Bee and The Biscuit

This week, you HAVE to go to The Bee and The Biscuit! This brunch spot was created in a 1919 house, and has the charm and feel that only a home can create. This is a great location to take your family, friends, AND date to! The entire front lawn is covered in patio tables and chairs where you can lounge at, wait for your table at, or play some of the provided board games at! They also have a tent with a bar underneath that offers some AMAZING drinks (tip: get the manmosas if you’re looking for something strong and delicious). The drink menu changes, but I snapped a pic of the one for this week!

Seating is located in the attached backyard balcony, and all throughout the living room and dining room. This next question is my favorite: “What can I get you to drink?” To which my response is *drum rolls* the mimosa flight! This drink selection is generated randomly by whatever the flavors of the day are. I’ve received a regular orange juice, peach Bellini, prickly pear, blackberry, and cinnamon apple mimosa, ALL delicious! To those who enjoy caffeine drinks, they have an incredible espresso machine behind the bar that I’ve heard can’t be beat.

Next is “What can I get you to eat?” You can choose between breakfast or lunch, and you can’t go wrong with either choice. My mom turned me into a benedict fanatic, so I usually choose the JJ’s Eggs Benedict (pictured below). The Little Farm Truck is also pictured below, which is a classic choice.

No matter what food or drink you get, or what company you choose to keep, you HAVE to go to The Bee and The Biscuit! | 1785 Princess Anne Rd Virginia Beach, VA

Thank you guys, and see you again next week!

California Burrito

The feature this week is California Burrito in Norfolk, Virginia. This restaurant is pretty unique, because not only is it a quick and delicious lunch/dinner restaurant, it’s also a bar and dancing spot! When you first walk in, it looks like a small little restaurant with seating for about 20-30 people, but if you follow the chalkboard that reads “Full bar in the back,” you’ll be taken down a hallway and to a back room with a full bar and an upstairs DJ.

Their food is delicious AND all of their ingredients are local and organic (as if you needed another reason to love the food.) We tried the carne asada burrito, and carne asada chimichanga (pictured above) and they were tasty!

Thursday nights are “Ladies Nights” where you can buy well drinks for .50 CENTS! This is not a joke!! Just make sure you get there between 8-10 for the deal.

Friday’s are “College Nights” for mingling and getting to know the college crowd.

Saturday’s are when the fun kicks into high gear: Saturday nights are “Latino Nights” where they have Latin music playing and the dancing goes all night (usually picking up around 11:30)!!

**Some cool features too: there is no cover charge despite the club feel at nights, AND they’re open until 2AM Friday’s and Saturday’s for those of you who are into the night life.**

Whether you want to go out to eat, grab a drink, or do some dancing, you HAVE to go to California Burrito!

319 Granby St. Norfolk, VA 23510 |

Thank you guys, and see you again next week!

Ocean View Fishing Pier

The Ocean View Fishing Pier in Norfolk, Virginia is a spot that only locals know about. OVFP is located right on the beach (more so over the ocean, past the sand of the beach), and is tucked away without any over-the-top advertising. In fact, the only reason I discovered this spot is because my curiosity is off the charts, and I may or may not have forced Jordan to walk there with me.

Regardless, the outcome was more than either of us were expecting. This is a fishing pier, bar, restaurant, and all-around beautiful hang out spot. They have a bar and restaurant downstairs, but the upstairs is where all of the magic is (at least that’s what I think.) The restaurant has something for everyone: kids menu, seafood, non-seafood items, appetizers, desserts, and a great drink menu. My entrée of choice was the Seafood Pasta with Alfredo sauce, DELICIOUS, and drink of choice, Sex on the Beach of course! Most nights they have a live band come out that plays a great selection of music. Overall great atmosphere, friendly people, and an incredible picture-friendly view.

**The BEST time to come in is around 6PM (before the dinner rush comes), so you can grab a great seat to watch the sunset (not that a restaurant surrounded by water has a bad seat). **

SO, if you haven’t had the pleasure of acquainting yourself with this spot, I highly recommend it. You HAVE to go to Ocean View Fishing Pier.

400 Ocean View Ave. Norfolk, VA |

Thank you guys, and see you again next week!