The Four Agreements

As someone who has a very visible tattoo (half sleeve), I️ get a lot of comments. Most of them are “Your tattoo is so pretty!”, “Nice tattoo”, “That’s dope”, etc. Very rarely does anyone ever ask me what it says or what it represents. (Below are pictures of my piece.) The written words say:

“Be impeccable with your word”

“Don’t take anything personally”

“Always do your best”

“Don’t make assumptions”

Four and a half years ago I️ was gifted a book called “The Four Agreements” and it changed my life. In my adolescence I️ struggled with self-confidence, self-worth, self-identity, and was generally unhappy and dissatisfied. A plethora of factors contributed to this outlook, but once I️ read this book, my general thoughts changed. Change wasn’t immediate, but I️ had something to work towards, and some guidance.

Being impeccable with your word is so important. This allows others to trust in you and what you say, because you always stay true to what you say. It helps you stay confident in yourself because you don’t have to feel guilt from saying things you know you won’t be able to fulfill.

Don’t take anything personally is straight forward and helps your self-esteem the most. No matter what someone says to you/about you, it is not a reflection of yourself. It is a reflection in their feelings and their own thoughts. This best explains the quote “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Some people will try to release their frustrations onto you, and realizing that will allow you to be able to let whatever they say go. Return their words with kindness and understanding that you don’t have to take their problems personally.

Always do your best, because it avoids regret, and disappointment with yourself. If you know that you did the best you possibly could at whatever you did, you can’t think to yourself that you should have done more or could have done better. Your “best” will change with each day and each challenge that presents itself, so keep that in mind to honestly be able to use this.

Don’t make assumptions. Do not do it. Don’t make assumptions for what someone will say, for what someone might do, or for their reasoning for doing something. This one is important for having great communication, and all around avoiding being upset over something that might not be true. Ask questions and get to the bottom of something before you react and misjudge a person or situation. This will allow better trust and relationships, and avoid hurt feelings.

I can’t imagine where I would be (mentally, emotionally, AND physically) in my life if I hadn’t gone to pick up this gift from someone from my past who I had a chance re-encounter with years later. For that I thank them. I hope this helps someone else’s life, or is at least a good read. The link for the book on Amazon is below, and I would love to hear if someone purchases it and what your interpretation is.

Thank you guys, see you again Saturday!

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