The Bee and The Biscuit

This week, you HAVE to go to The Bee and The Biscuit! This brunch spot was created in a 1919 house, and has the charm and feel that only a home can create. This is a great location to take your family, friends, AND date to! The entire front lawn is covered in patio tables and chairs where you can lounge at, wait for your table at, or play some of the provided board games at! They also have a tent with a bar underneath that offers some AMAZING drinks (tip: get the manmosas if you’re looking for something strong and delicious). The drink menu changes, but I snapped a pic of the one for this week!

Seating is located in the attached backyard balcony, and all throughout the living room and dining room. This next question is my favorite: “What can I get you to drink?” To which my response is *drum rolls* the mimosa flight! This drink selection is generated randomly by whatever theĀ flavors of the day are. I’ve received a regular orange juice, peach Bellini, prickly pear, blackberry, and cinnamon apple mimosa, ALL delicious! To those who enjoy caffeine drinks, they have an incredible espresso machine behind the bar that I’ve heard can’t be beat.

Next is “What can I get you to eat?” You can choose between breakfast or lunch, and you can’t go wrong with either choice. My mom turned me into a benedict fanatic, so I usually choose the JJ’s Eggs Benedict (pictured below). The Little Farm Truck is also pictured below, which is a classic choice.

No matter what food or drink you get, or what company you choose to keep, you HAVE to go to The Bee and The Biscuit! | 1785 Princess Anne Rd Virginia Beach, VA

Thank you guys, and see you again next week!

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