California Burrito

The feature this week is California Burrito in Norfolk, Virginia. This restaurant is pretty unique, because not only is it a quick and delicious lunch/dinner restaurant, it’s also a bar and dancing spot! When you first walk in, it looks like a small little restaurant with seating for about 20-30 people, but if you follow the chalkboard that reads “Full bar in the back,” you’ll be taken down a hallway and to a back room with a full bar and an upstairs DJ.

Their food is delicious AND all of their ingredients are local and organic (as if you needed another reason to love the food.) We tried the carne asada burrito, and carne asada chimichanga (pictured above) and they were tasty!

Thursday nights are “Ladies Nights” where you can buy well drinks for .50 CENTS! This is not a joke!! Just make sure you get there between 8-10 for the deal.

Friday’s are “College Nights” for mingling and getting to know the college crowd.

Saturday’s are when the fun kicks into high gear: Saturday nights are “Latino Nights” where they have Latin music playing and the dancing goes all night (usually picking up around 11:30)!!

**Some cool features too: there is no cover charge despite the club feel at nights, AND they’re open until 2AM Friday’s and Saturday’s for those of you who are into the night life.**

Whether you want to go out to eat, grab a drink, or do some dancing, you HAVE to go to California Burrito!

319 Granby St. Norfolk, VA 23510 |

Thank you guys, and see you again next week!

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