Ocean View Fishing Pier

The Ocean View Fishing Pier in Norfolk, Virginia is a spot that only locals know about. OVFP is located right on the beach (more so over the ocean, past the sand of the beach), and is tucked away without any over-the-top advertising. In fact, the only reason I discovered this spot is because my curiosity is off the charts, and I may or may not have forced Jordan to walk there with me.

Regardless, the outcome was more than either of us were expecting. This is a fishing pier, bar, restaurant, and all-around beautiful hang out spot. They have a bar and restaurant downstairs, but the upstairs is where all of the magic is (at least that’s what I think.) The restaurant has something for everyone: kids menu, seafood, non-seafood items, appetizers, desserts, and a great drink menu. My entrée of choice was the Seafood Pasta with Alfredo sauce, DELICIOUS, and drink of choice, Sex on the Beach of course! Most nights they have a live band come out that plays a great selection of music. Overall great atmosphere, friendly people, and an incredible picture-friendly view.

**The BEST time to come in is around 6PM (before the dinner rush comes), so you can grab a great seat to watch the sunset (not that a restaurant surrounded by water has a bad seat). **

SO, if you haven’t had the pleasure of acquainting yourself with this spot, I highly recommend it. You HAVE to go to Ocean View Fishing Pier.

400 Ocean View Ave. Norfolk, VA | oceanviewfishingpier.com

Thank you guys, and see you again next week!

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